USR018054 802.11g Wireless Turbo Router

(USR808054, USR018054, USR805452)

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  • How do I configure Remote Management on my USR8054?
  • How do I configure a DMZ computer on my USR8054?
  • How do I configure a Web server on my USR8054?
  • Resetting the USR8054
  • How does USR5450 compare to USR8054
  • What is 802.11 wireless networking?
  • How is 125 Mbps achieved?
  • How is 100Mbps achieved?
  • Alcatel Modem Compatibility
  • DoS possible attack
  • Mixed-network performance?
  • What is my default Login and Password?
  • Wireless range performance
  • Wireless Antenna Use
  • How do I enter a 256-bit WEP Key in Windows XP?
  • Wireless LANs Are They Safe?
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    Manuals and other Documents



    Version 1.67b44 (125 Mbps Update)
    Note: Upgrading to version 1.67b44 may reset your wireless router to the factory default settings, including your password. We recommend that you write down your configuration settings prior to upgrading, reset the wireless router to defaults, and then re-configure your router after the upgrade. USRobotics is offering this update to improve issues with frequent router resets under certain data traffic conditions. 608 KB 18-04-05
    Version 1.64b34 (125 Mbps Upgrade)
    Note: Upgrading to version 1.64b34 below will reset your wireless router to the factory default settings, including your password. USRobotics is offering this 125 Mbps upgrade to enhance connectivity via the following features:
    • WPA and WPA-PSK wireless security modes
    • 125 Mbps frame bursting enhancement
    • Dynamic wireless channel to avoid interference
    • Supports reception of Multicast streaming to LAN clients
    • Improved browser support
    • Improved wireless sensitivity prevents resets in noisy environments 606 KB 01-10-04
    Version 1.21h (100 Mbps)
    Download and extract this file to a temporary location on your computer's hard disk drive. Follow the directions in the upgrade.txt file to complete the update.

    Note: Upgrading to version 1.21h below will reset your wireless router to the factory default settings, including your password. However, if you receive a The version of setting file is not compatible message, you need to manually restore the router to its original default settings as described here. In addition, flashing your USRobotics 802.11g Wireless Turbo Router with anything other than USRobotics approved firmware will void your warranty. 540 KB 02-03-04

    56K with V.92 Technology Upgrade your 56K modem to latest V.92 technology.

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