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ITP Editor's Choice

Editor's Choice: US Robotics Wireless Ndx Access Point: USR5454

“... this wireless set-up managed to rip through our 238Mbyte file transfer in 15 seconds flat, a full 12 seconds faster than our Netgear 802.11g-based network managed. Fantastic stuff.” – March, 2008 (ME)

Best Buy

Computer Shopper: Best Buy USR9630 Skype Dual Phone

"The Dual Phone is very well made with large responsive keys. It's great value, too, and an excellent choice if you want to be able to switch easily between your landline and Skype." – March, 2007 (UK)

PC Consument

PC Consument: Best Wireless Networking Solution: USRobotics

For the third year in a row!

PC World Best of IT: Routers: USR9108

“For something as important today as the quality of our web connection, we have to own the appropriate equipment. Do not judge the USR9108 by its exterior because it hides an excellent router with quality features that will satisfy the typical home user as well as the advanced user or even a professional one. Wireless connectivity and print server features offer endless possibilities and it is sure that USR9108 will exploit your available bandwidth till the last 'drop'."
PC World Best of IT – March, 2007 (GR)

PC World

PC World VoIP Skype Phones: USR9630

“In this price category you will not find any other cordless phone offering the same reliability and support for both PSTN and VoIP”
PC World – January, 2007 (GR)

PC World

PC World VoIP Skype Phones: USR9602

“The award for the best price/performance device was given to the USRobotics USB mini 9602 for its practical use in coordination with its price”
PC World – January, 2007 (GR)

PC World

PC World ADSL Modems/Routers: USR9107

“We refer to USRobotics 9107 router for its quality and reliability”
PC World – December, 2006 (GR)

Mobi Editors Choice

Editor's choice Award: USR9108a Wireless MAXg ADSL Gateway

Mobi – 2006 (RU)

PC Magazine Recommended

PC Magazine: Recommended

USRobotics 802.11g Wireless Router USR5463
"We were impressed with the features of this wireless router. Its performance too, is good if not the best in its category."
PC Magazine Middle & Near East - April 2006 ME

Computer Trade Shopper Wireless MaxG Router Review
USR5461 Best Buy
"The MaxG Router is excellent value and... It really deserves our Best Buy award."

PCHome Editor's Choice Award
USRobotics MAXg Wireless Router USR805461 "Tune in your wireless" Review, "Robot Dream" , "And the Winner is..."

"All these products are suitable for setting up wireless networking in a home or small office. Not all are as suitable if you want to be able to browse and swap files from the end of the garden, though. Speed and coverage are key, here, with ease of use a close third. We'd recomend US Robotics kit for out and out performance, feature set and easy setup..."

Best WiFi Device: MAXg Wireless Products
Windows Middle East Magazine - Windows Awards a roaring success

Best Buy Award: USR5461
Features - 5 out of 5 stars
"The MAXg router from USRobotics is easy to set up, compact and very fast. Excellent if you need to share cable broadband"
Computer Buyer (UK) - October 2005

Web User Gold Award
USRobotics SureConnect ADSL Wireless Gateway 9106
5 Stars

Computer Trade Shopper Wireless Networking Review
USR5410 Best Buy
"The best performing PCMCIA wireless networking card we have seen"

USR808054 Wireless Turbo Access Point & Router
PC Plus Editor's choice award featured in the On Test round-up in issue 209 of PC Plus, on sale date 2 October 2003.

Computer Trade Shopper Supplier Excellence Awards 2003
Best networking Manufacturer Winner

11 Mbps Wireless Access
USR2450 11 Mbps Wireless Access Point - Maximum PC Kick Ass Product

56K Modems
Editor's choice award. "Simply put, USRobotics modems are outstanding!"



USR9600: On Computers - "We came across one of the world's neat devices this month ... and it's a breeze to use"

125 Mbps Wireless MAXg

USR5461, USR5411: PC World – August 2005
"Our tests revealed that no single product--or type of MIMO--consistently outshone the others. In fact, the winner of our close-range and midrange tests was the non-MIMO USRobotics line."

MAXg: Computer Shopper (UK) - October 2005
"Unlike proprietary MIMO routers, the MAXg router complies with the 802.11g standard, so you should benefit from the extended range with existing wireless kit"

USR5461: Webuser (UK) – July 7, 2005, Page 2
“If you’re on the lookout for new Wi-Fi gear, US Robotics’ MAXg range is going to do the business, especially if you’re considering starting something of a collection.”

USR5461: PC Answers (UK) - October 2005
Verdict = 82% - "...the increase in range is phenomenal and there's an improvement of several 100% in terms of throughput over range."

USR5461: Cnet Reviews (US) – July 10, 2005
"the Wireless MaxG router still offers the best long-range throughput of any router at this price, plus other perks such as WPA security and an integrated print server."

USR5461: PC Utilities (UK) - Issue 65 2005
"USRobotics is set to bring a welcome boost to the current wireless networking standards"

USR5451: Computerworld (IT) – July 11, 2005
"USRobotics combines performance with simplicity"

54 Mbps Wireless Networking

USR5470: Network World – June 13, 2005
“The wireless router reached farther in my house than any others I’ve tried except specialized high-gain units. From the office in one corner of the first floor, I still received a weak but usable signal in the kid's playroom in the far corner of the second floor. No other general wireless router/card combo has done that, especially with security enabled.”


USR8200: Hardware Firewall – PC Plus (UK) – June
“You can get a router with a firewall for around £70, but this box does offer valuable extras on both the security front and in its feature set. It’s worth its asking price and the peace of mind it provides”


USR9106: New Top 50 Best Buy – Computer Buyer (UK) – July
“The USRobotics SureConnect Wireless Gateway was the cheapest and fastest ADSL router in our group test…”

100 Mbps Wireless Turbo Access

USR018054: PC Pro (UK) - 7 September 2005
Performance - 5 out of 6 stars
Value for money - 5 out of 6 stars
"One of the fastest units on test.....also impressed in our long-range test, with files transferred in a shade under two minutes"

Computer Trade Shopper Wireless Networking Review
USR5410, USR5416, and USR8054 100 Mbps Wireless Turbo Networking gear

Wireless Network Adapters: Page 1 | Page 2
"The best performing PCMCIA wireless networking card we have seen"

Wireless Access Points and Routers: Page 1 | Page 2.
"The feature-packed USRobotics access point is impressive."

Benchmarks: USRobotics hits top transmit and recieve speeds.
Why go wireless?
Standards and Speed

USR5410, USR5416, USR5450, and USR8054 100 Mbps Wireless Turbo Networking gear
Features: 5 stars, performance: 5 stars, Ease of use: 3 stars, Value for money: 4 stars, Verdict: 4 stars.
"Wireless wonder: wireless networking just got even faster"

USRobotics USR8054 802.11g wireless turbo router
CNET Review

USRobotics USR8054 802.11g wireless turbo router
Computer Buyer Review

US Robotics Wireless Turbo Access Point and Router
4 stars

22 Mbps Wireless Access
USR2210 and USR2215 22 Mbps Wireless PC Card and PCI Adapter
"The new US Robotics PC Card and PCI Card 11MB 802.11b client adapters perform well above the standard 11Mbps standard"

USR2249 22 Mbps Wireless Access Point and USR2210 22 Mbps Wireless PC Card
4 out of 5 stars. "Faster 802.11b for Less Money than 802.11a"

USR8000 Broadband Router
The USRobotics Broadband Router: 8wire Approved. Easy, inexpensive, a good value.

USR8000 Broadband Router
"An ideal product for consumers and small business owners."

56K Modems
Consumer Reviews: average 5 out of 5 stars. ("best modem I've ever had"..."excellent"..."great modem, very fast"")

"There are some names in the computing industry that are synonymous with quality, among them...USRobotics."